Currently, people are making more use of social media to make purchase decisions. That is why the role of digital communities is of vital importance within a company. A website is no longer enough. Today, the website must also be dynamic and competitive in a market going global. At Manifesto Solution we use the main social media to generate communication, visibility and positioning strategies that can drive and enhance your target audience to help you reach the goals of your company.

At the drop of a hat

The implementation of social media enables the creation of emotional bonds with the brand, the reinforcement of a positive image, and the immediate resolution of problems. Through social media, it is possible to offer discounts and exclusive offers, among many other benefits.

Going Viral

The power of the user to influence purchase decisions expresses at its best in social media. The contacts in social profiles are based on friendships or exchange of information with other people that share certain interests.


The users of social media are highly receptive to the actions of a company that knows how to attract them. In social networks, more than 44 % of users are fans of a brand or company.