At Manifesto Solutions we resort to the best technological resources so that we can implement successful digital marketing campaigns that help you reach the goal of your company. Internet is a powerful tool. It allows fidelization of existing customers, it allows to enhance your scope so that you can reach new and potential users, it enables you to build credibility and perform transactions 24 hours a day. These and many other advantages are possible through the use of online marketing tools:


SEM positioning is a valuable online advertising tool that allows the advertiser to be at the top positions within the search results, based on the key words established to prompt the ads. Google, for instance, executes SEM by means of its program Adwords. This allows immediate positioning so that small and medium size companies can engage in fair competition within the same channel. This increases the traffic of qualified contacts to the corresponding website.

e-Mail Marketing

Sending e-mails is, perhaps, one of the most powerful tools that digital marketing has to offer. It allows to stimulate sells, fidelize customers as well as to build trust and credibility. At Manifesto Solution we build campaigns with attractive and innovative designs that fit all devices. At the end of each campaign, we develop a report with information as valuable as: the impact, number of people who opened the emails, click-through rates, etcetera.


It allows us to do permanent market research and to adapt our page and product to the needs of our audience. It also gives us the possibility to test products before launching them to the market, and because digital marketing has such global reach, we can even transcend geographical borders.


Marketing allows us to establish direct contact with potential customers or users. Nowadays, social media and forums have gained great relevance as a sales channel. In these settings, users voice their opinions about brands, their products and services.


A good reputation is key to the success of any business. Currently, purchase decisions are highly influenced by the experience of the customers with the brands. More and more, users resort to social and digital media to get information before acquiring products and services.